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David L. Middlebrooks, B.S., C.F.E., L.P.I.
David has over thirty years of investigative experience, both in law enforcement and private investigation. He is a proud graduate of Florida State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and a Certificate of Law Enforcement. David has gained extensive experience working at both the state and federal level where he has investigated homicide cases, white-collar crimes, narcotics dealings, thefts, assaults, and personal injury suits as well as civil cases of every type. David is also a published author of, “Dead Man Coming” an gripping anthology of the real life stories of Florida’s death row inmates.


Dave Randall, L.P.I., S.P.S.
Dave is a retired United States Navy Special Operations Officer who possesses over twenty-five years of experience in maritime, diving, death, criminal, civil, accident, domestic, and workers compensation investigations. Throughout both his military and civilian experience he has obtained expertise in undercover surveillance, security, person locating and information gathering. He is an appointed Special Process Server in and for Bay County, Florida and is affiliated with the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators as well as the Association of Christian Private Investigators.